• Народ,может кто нить пробился на закрытое бета тестирование?
    А то я всё никак не могу пробится в день вроде по 2000 аков выдают но корейцы с тайванцами всё сметают млин...

  • Может кто не знает чё это за игра ?
    Вобщем вот:
    What is RFonline?

    RFonline is a unique MMORPG currently taking Asia by storm! Alot of people managed to get a taste for this game back towards the end of 2004 when it was currently in OpenBeta for Korea.

    RFonline stands for "Romance and Fantasy Online" and you will often hear mention of "RvR" which stands for Race VS Race because in RFonline you will find yourself pitted against the oposing two races.

    What other versions can i play?

    Currently RFonline is in the following countries by the following companies running that particular version:

    • Korea : x2game.com
    • Taiwan : GameFlier
    • China : Sina
    • Japan : Sega

    As for what stage of development (Closed/Open beta) the various versions are currently in, you will need to check the corresponding forum sections for the latest information.

    Whats the game about?

    RFonline throws you as the player into an action packed game. Your primary objective is to get as high level as possible to stand a better chance of defeating oposing races when you encounter them. Leveling up is achieved via killing monsters for experience and completeing various quests assigned to you as you level up. The secondary goal if you will is to control the central mine in the "Crag Mining Field" for your race to mine. This is where alot of the games action will take place due to it being much sort after by all who play.

    When can i play NA version?

    As it stands there is NO confirmed date for an English release of this game. However dont let that get you down, if this MMORPG follows the trend of nearly all Asian MMORPGs that have come before it then its just a matter of time. The game is currently establishing itself amoungst the easier markets of the various asian countries at present and due to the way its being snapped up by the various countries id say its simply a matter of time before we get it.

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