Snap has bug:(

  • Can u fix snap skill please , it has a bug that sura doesn't recieve damage if they use snap at same time recieving damage. And a lot of players abusing that bug. idk how it's working again it is really old bug maybe 6-7 years. It wasn'T work on our server but for last 1 month it starts to work. Please fix it, i am tryng to tell other sura that they shoudn't use that bug most of them don't understand me. Idon't wanna report them for such a thing but it's really annoying.

  • Helpers Team

    Can you be more specific? I tried to reproduce, but target still dies after snapping away from Shield Chain/Asura Strike.

  • if u have sura i can show u at game. it has really short time to do that, maybe u cannot do it on the time.

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