Question about fixes

  • It said that the auto casts will give exp again, does this mean that Dark Lord will have it's normal effect again? Since the "afk" leveling will not work as well on Renewal as it did before I don't see the reason for why Dark Lord have to remain fixed.
    Hope you will fix it :good:
    Otherwise great updates, thanks admin :good:

  • @InuTaisho:
    Does this mean that Dark Lord will have it's normal effect again?

    No. Active autocastes meant, like sage’s autocastes.

  • @fidosemen:

    No. Active autocastes meant, like sage’s autocastes.

    Seems typical, make all Godlikes better but Dark Lord, a MVP card, are still not working correct, why not make the Dark Lord work again 🙂 If you wanna have a MVP card you can pick on, take Golden Thief Bug instead, not the Dark Lord 🙂

    Common Admins, be cool! Let the MVP cards stay as they should or fix the most overpower ones too! 🙂 I know many agree with this. So please consider it at least.

  • InuTaisho, you can still combine other skills with Dark Lord Card in order to have exp.
    Magnum Break, Envenom and so on.

  • DanilI'm very much aware about that, but still make it worse to use. Especially for Steel Body since they can't use skills. And it's not right to do such things for MVP cards, It's like they would make Golden Thief Bug working on AoE attacks, which many servers have, or take it down to 60% effect against magic attacks. It takes away many ways of usage and the worth of the card goes very much down.
    And if it was not such a big thing to use other skills, they can easy make Dark Lord an exception from this "no exp from auto casts". If they have so much problem with "afk" levelers, they can make a time limit of how long a person can stand still, like if you are not doing anything after 60 seconds you don't get any more exp from mobs, this would also help against people who is using multiple computers to level their own characters, like tank for parties and such.

    My point is: Do not change MVP cards if you are not changing the most overpower ones! 🙂

  • InuTaisho, when administration fixed Dark Lord Card, players were shoked like you. They gave a lot of other variants, that won't hurt this card so much, but unfortunatly our administration usually don't listen to players. So we can just hope, that someday Dark Lord Card will work correct.

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