So i want to buy motrkis...

  • Hello. I want to buy motriks to get premium account. I think i need 150 motriks ?
    How much does 150 motriks coast in euro ? Whats the easest way to buy motriks with real money ?
    I dont understand that WMZ thing..
    Im living in UK. Have Maestro debit card. HAVE MONEY! Gief premium! 😉
    Thanks in advice!

  • i bought from wmz local sellers but commission was very high like %50 i spend 45usd for 30 usd wmz =((. i wish admins find a way like paypal

  • Yep, have a similar problem and that's the reason i don't buy motriks.
    You could try to convert your paypal account money to the account of wmz...

  • Banned

    The less you buy - the more will be their comission.
    If someone wants to buy 100+ WMZ - contact me, I'll give you a reasonable price.

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