Can someone help me out? :)

  • First of all I'm sorry Im not writing this in Russian but I don't speak Russian (sadly). I'm starting my adventure with Ragnarok Online all thanks to my friend. I'm enjoying this game but unfortunatelly english translation is not complited for MOTR client. I have NPC names and dialogues in English but skills, items and most of the UI is in Russian.

    Can someone point me out how to swtich some files around to have MOTR version in English? I tried to compare clients with 4game version of Ragnarok but files inside are different. I would appreciate any help with making my client use English.

    Thank You guys for providing such a great service coz it looks like MOTR is the best Ragnarok Online server I have found. 🙂

  • Hello dear friend. We many time write your question to administration, we like to play with eng UI, because we played with it every time.... but no so long ago, admin made a trans to russian((( it was so hurt for many people... but it is motr, motr can make hurt, maybe every updating... we cry and some play. no way to make english.... sorry bro)

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