Lags and game closing unexpectedly

  • Hello.

    Since last friday i have big lags at game at any map, and more when there are many mobs around or during WoE. The lags are long and sometimes freeze completely. At the new quests, the game was closed unexpectedly.

    The sound is disengaged and with a buzz, and the mouse movement slows, the effects are cut.

    Tried to change drivers of video card, upgrade and downgrade them, update cc++, direct X, a back up system of the pc, change antivirus security, re install the game; and nothing works.

    I have a ping without cuts of 200 ms more or less. My videocard is a RX460 of 4 gb.

  • @Idris if someone can help me, i really do not know what else to try -_-

  • @Idris Hi. I have the same problem. The more objects (mobs/chars/items) on the map the more lags (less FPS) I have. I cant collect big packs of monsters becouse of absolutely freeze of game (5-10 FPS). I can say it is a recent problem, that apeared a week/two ago. Everything was fine a month ago.
    I`ve seen same posts in MOTR community in VK, but no official unswers and nobody know how to solve that...
    So, I hope admins/moderators know about that problem and fix it soon...

  • @MaxWell Oh, thanks so much to take the time to write me in English (My Russian is still awful) I hardly can play now even alone at not crowded maps, I thought it was my PC at first, but seems like is not me.

    I hope they can fix it soon, or give an answer. Again thanks!

  • @Idris Hi again! I think, I`ve found a solution!
    I tried different ways to stop laggs: cleaning my computer; high priority setting to RO; adding to exceptions RO.exe, rusro.exe, RO folder; compatibility mode (with Win 7-XP) etc. and nothing helps. But! When I totally turn my antivirus off (I have Kaspersky) and run RO the client started faster and all laggs in game are completely gone!
    In the same topic here I read that turning off the Avast! gave the same result.
    So, just try to turn your antivirus off )

  • @MaxWell Hello!! thanks so much for your response. I just tried what you said, and is right, the problem disappeared! I am using Kaspersky as well.

    Just hope this can be fixed completely in future, to don't need to turn the antivirus off every time we play.

    Again thanks!

  • @Idris You are welcome 👍

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