Last Updates?

  • Can someone pls translate us about last updates.?????

  • January 22, 2012?

    *Added Dewata and its dungeons and quests. You can get there by talking with NPC in Alberta (lowest right corner of the map).
    *Nightmare-mode in scaraba hole dungeon(3rd floor) you can get there by speaking with npc Vigilante. not really sure but if the script the same then you can get the parfume from dic_dun01,266,113 Curious Sapha, and find Vigilante @ dic_dun01,284,102
    *Added Overlook Water Dungeon copy of the Bayalan Dungeon. The monsters inside are more difficult versions of those in the original dungeon, with increased stats and higher EXP. you can get there by talking to the sign west of Geffen (gef_fild07 264, 286), only for characters between Base Levels 30-75.
    *Added equip set quest from NPC Ur in eden group hq.
    *Knight job quest monster fix easier monsters probably
    *Changed Stats of the majority of monsters. higher atk,hit,hp like on iRO

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