2011-03-08 - Invite your lady-friend to a restaurant event:)

  • Today is an International Woman’s Day!
    Please, take a moment to celebrate a woman who has made a difference in your life – whether it is your mother, your sister, or your friend.

    [list:2lc6u3l4][:2lc6u3l4]Puppy Hat is now available for sale in Hugel’s Kafra Shop[/Ⓜ2lc6u3l4]
    [:2lc6u3l4]Guys, if you haven’t congratulated your girl-friends (girls who happen to be your friends!) yet, do so by inviting them to a restaurant.
    Restaurants are open 24/7 in every major city of Midgard.[/

    P.S.: It is recommended to be in the same party with a girl when you visit the restaurant.

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