New guy lf guild

  • Hey, I'm about to start playing here. Heard it's a good server full of russians 😄

    I will be whoever. Looking for active guild. GMT+1 timezone, ventrilo and mic. in use, able to speak English. If you are in need of any class excluding Priest I would love to join. Very active and full of energy. I'm not causing drama.

  • I'm looking for an international guild too. At the moment I'm 51lvl acolyte (Monk in the future).

  • Is there any international guild anyway?

  • There is no international active guild at the moment. Nuitari is only international guild which i know, but they are not active. I hope they will be back soon 😃

  • Well I don't need an uber guild. I prefer simple guild with friendly people who can talk. 80% people with whom I try to start a conversation just ignores me. And it's a bit boring to play alone 😐

  • So you mean that the whole international community is playing in russian guilds? 😄

  • I'm fluent in English, but my guild is Russian-speaking...

  • Seems like you're just about to make a new guild 😉

  • Seems like you tried to talk with AFK persons, that dont answer when they're back to game) Try to chat with moving people. But far from arena 😉

  • ballstoyou, Yes all international community are in russian guilds, except there is a no WoE active Turkish guild but they don't accept others. They use it like a party. But it's not problem beign in Russian guild. If you want , i can accept you to our secondary guild until u will be ready for WoE.
    Sumon, Most players don't reply co'z of beggars. Best way to have friend beign in a party 🙂

  • If any of you would like to join international guild PM me about your self. At first there will be a newcomers guild, than if you will be quite active player, you will be transferred to advanced players guild ;).
    Later I'll make a new topic about our guild 😉

    The primary guild language will be English.

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