How do you get married ? please help?

  • Sorry , I don't know russian :roll: ... Does anyone know how to get married?
    I heard u have to be level 45 :roll:

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    I'll tell ya in privat...

  • OKay, until now all I know is that I need a suit, a hat (I have no idea what the names are) and I have to pay around 1000000
    Does anyone know what the names of the hat and suit are (for a guy also, not just girl) and does anyone know if I need to be level 45 ? It would take for ever to me to get there because I am hardly level 13

  • Original guide in russian

    To perform a wedding you'll need 2500000z total. Both groom and bride have to be at least 45 base level.
    Groom has to be in Tuxedo and bride has to be in Wedding Dress. These can be bought for 43000z at Wedding Goods (prt_in,211, 169) - the shop in the south-west corner of Prontera.
    Also you'll need two Diamond Rings. They're can be bought for 45000z at Jewel Seller in Morroc (morocc, 145, 44) or at Gift Merchant (xmas_in, 169, 34)
    The wedding is performed by an authorized priest. Priest may ask for a fee.

    How to perform a wedding
    Groom and bride have to be wearing Tuxedo, Wedding Dress, and Diamond Rings. Wedding Veil and other wedding stuff is optional. In Prontera Churh you need to pay to Wedding Agent (sanctuary, 94, 100). Groom has to pay 1300000z and bride has to pay 1200000z.
    Then authorized priest shall perform a ceremony and activate the wedding at the King. Upon activation groom has to open dialog with a King and enter the name of the bride. Then bride shall do the same and enter the name of the groom. You've got 3 minutes to do so, otherwise wedding has to be restarted.
    Upon registration of the wedding the wife gets the ring from the King, while husband has to get his one from NPC Alesia. When equipped these rings give additional skills. Rings can't be sold, dropped or given to somebody.
    Weddings can be performed in Prontera's Churh, Lutie, Glast Heim St. Abbey and Jawaii.
    Don't forget to pay priest's teleport expenses.

    Wedding Skills
    Loving Touch
    Donate some of your HP to your partner

    Undying Love
    Donate some of your SP to your partner.

    Romantic Rendezvous
    Summon your partner right next to you after a brief pause.

    Authorized Priests
    Peorth (ICQ# 37995097)
    Маленький Мук (e-mail: otaku @ mail . ru; speaks russian only)
    Иисус (except Hunter-Priest couples) (ICQ# 95089175)
    Virra (e-mail: virra.goddess @ gmail . com; ICQ# 107518588)
    MAZE-D (in game)

    Priests may ask for a fee or decline to perform a wedding.
    When asking for a wedding get right down to business, don't go around asking stupid questions, etc.

    To get divorced, one of the spouses should talk to the NPC B.A.N (niflheim, 158, 270). The cost is 2000000 zeny.
    Alternatively you may use premium command @divorce for 6 tickets. This command works even if the spouse is offline or banned.
    Attention! The one who asks for a divorce will have to pay twice the price next time to perform the wedding.

    Some questions and answers regarding wedding
    Q. Can characters of the same gender have a wedding?
    A. No.

    Q. May I become an authorized priest?
    A. No, this is a decision up to a server administration.

  • Oh my gosh , thank you thank you thank you sooo much !
    That helps alot ! Wow , to perform a wedding is soooo expensive ... )-: 😢

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